SL Muslims Association of NJ
SL Muslims Association of NJ

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SLMANJ is a non-profit organization established since 2008 by a small group of highly motivated and self determined residents of Edison, New Jersey who is working tirelessly over a decade, for the betterment and improving the life of the local communities by providing helping hands to the needful individuals and families of New Jersey, USA. 

SLMANJ partnering with few International charity organizations indulging in various initiatives namely Soup Kitchen, Educational development for Kids from Age (5-17 years, i.e. Grade 1-12), providing monthly food provisions, clothing and financial assistance to the underprivileged and needful families of New Jersey on a regular basis.


What We Do


Soup Kitchen for Local Communities in New Jersey

SLMANJ on a monthly basis arranges small events to help the needful families and children's to help improve their social and educational status. Also arranged 2 major events of Soup Kitchen for the local families and younger kids belong to various cities in New Jersey in the Public Community Parks in May and August 2019. Arranged food distribution, snacks, fun activities for kids, sports in collaboration with local entertainment group of New Jersey.

Also arranged various events of Soup Kitchen in collaboration with International Charity organization who distribute food for underprivileged societies. Contribute funds every year to these organizations through various Fund raising events on behalf of SLMANJ.


Educational Development Services

Educational Development for Local Communities in New Jersey:

SLMANJ engages with teachers and volunters of Edison, New Jersey residents to provide assistance to the kids from elementary to high school age belonging to the needful families via special evening classes over 4 days a week from 5 to 8 PM, weekend activities for kids and other counselling and advisory sessions for kids, teens and adults of local communities from Edison, Metuchen, Piscataway, Somerset - New Jersey etc.

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